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Flow Gauge Regulators

190M/195M Series



190M Series• Chrome-plated brass body• Offered in CGA540, CGA326, and CGA346• 3000 psi maximum inlet pressure• 1-1/2” diameter gauges• Internal relief valve• Diaphragm-type regulator design• Sintered inlet filter for longer service life• Dual scale pressure gauge: psi and kPa• Adjustable setting


195M Series

• 0-100 psi

• Offered in CGA540, CGA326, and CGA346

• Chrome-plated brass will all brass high-pressure chamber

• Maximum inlet pressure 3000 psi

• Durable neoprene diaphragm

• Internal reseating relief valve protects against over-pressurization

• Sintered filter for additional safety and to extend regulator life

• 2" diameter gauges

• Dual scale: psi and kPa

• Outlets are DISS gas specific

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