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OxyBlend Air-Oxygen Blender

OxyBlend Air-Oxygen Blender


GENTEC® Medical Air-Oxygen Blender is a medical device used to mix Medical Grade Air and Oxygen to a concentration ranging from 21% -100% oxygen. The inlet gas connections are standard DISS or NIST. The inlets are clearly marked and labeled on the bottom of the Blender. The outlets are standard DISS male oxygen connections. A concentration adjustment knob is located on the front panel of the Blender to set the specific FIO2 blend desired.


• Suitable for use in Emergency Room and ICU where accurate oxygen concentration is required

• Double-ended proportioning valve enables easy adjustment of oxygen concentration from 21% to 100%.

• Two-stage pressure-balancing mechanism is adopted to deliver steady oxygen concentration.

• Two outlet ports and bleed valve allow a wide range of applications

• Internal bypass and alarm mechanism ensure safe use.

• Accuracy: ± 3% FS

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