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The Nebbulator is multifaceted and makes itself very convenient and time saving for hospital staff.


• 50 psi power take off, can be used for multiple products that need 50 psi to power their equipment

• Neb treatments

• Resuscitation bags

• Multiple preset flows

• The Nebbulator is available for use with adult and pediatric flow meters

• The Nebulator Block can be used as a standalone with multiple stand alone settings

• Available in Brass or Aluminum (flowmeter)

Ordering Info


Add OH (OHIO), DS (DISS), CH (Chemetron), DH (DISS Hand-Tight), DS (DISS Nut-Nipple) or PB (Puritan-Bennett) to the end of the model number - eg, FMB197A-15-07L-DH

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