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Gentec Voyager Series Headwalls are designed for the patient and surgical rooms to provide an organized assembly of various gas terminal outlets, electrical outlets and swtich. Available in a single trunk (3900A) or dual trunk (3900AD) setup. Both versions can be customized to meet unique room dimensions. Headwalls are designed for easy maintenance. Modular design allows for specific customizations such as, different standard electrical outlets, gas terminal units, and multimedia needs. Units come pre-wired and pre-piped for easy installation. Each unit shall be 100% factory tested.


• Easy installation and maintenance

• Custom ordering

• Single & dual trunks available

• Integrated room and reading light

• Nurse call available

• Data Port

• Slide bracket

• Electrical outlets

• Surface mounted

• Pre-piped and wired

• Accommodates all types of medical Gas Outlet (U.S. and ISO)

Macarrones, Hidalgo, Azmed.

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